Wendy Fisher Consulting has been instrumental in supporting and managing major changes in the way research is managed – here are a few highlights:


WFC celebrates our 10th birthday! WFC manage the high-profile research costing pilot for the CRUK ECMC Network. Legislation training for the HRA is updated and extended by WFC.


Continued development and nation-wide delivery of training workshops, focusing on HRA Approval and Research Costings (AcORD). WFC supports the formation of a collaborative research network of Cystic Fibrosis centres through the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.


WFC is joined by Mark Terry, Senior Consultant, specialising in training design and delivery, and regulatory support. WFC supports Cancer Research UK (CRUK) in the formation of a collaborative network of Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres (ECMC). Regulatory support services expanded to include the provision of protocol design and development. Online research management system developed by WFC for the Hamad Medical Corporation in Qatar.


WFC is joined by Luke Brewer, Senior Consultant, specialising in process management and regulatory support. Cohort of WFC associates is expanded to include expertise in statistical design and legal contracts. Provision of regulatory support to industry and academics established as a WFC core service alongside Consulting and Training.


WFC starts to provide remote governance services to numerous NHS Trusts and NIHR Clinical Research Networks (CRNs). WFC develops research strategies and policies for several NHS Trusts and organisations.


WFC works with the Health Research Authority (HRA) on the feasibility of a national single approval process.


The UCL Partners Harmonisation project, managed by WFC, becomes a major influence on how research is delivered across England.


WFC develop partnerships with several hospices, assisting them to design systems hat enable them to manage their own research.


Extensive range of training packages developed and delivered nationally, including legislation training for the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).


WFC was incorporated in 2007.